Jay O'Callahan, Storyteller - "Spinning Gold out of Straw is inspiring and gave me a deeper appreciation for life. The writer is a compassionate woman who has a deep understanding of the importance of how stories can heal us."    

"I think you will really like Diane's book. Please buy it. Thank you..."

Diane's husband...

Zel Hester, bereaved parent - "My comments throughout the book were "Yes, that's right or that's how I feel. thank you for going beyond your pain to give others this book. David is very proud of his mother." Philip Arnold, CPA - "Your book far exceeds my expectations. I want to shout to the world "Buy Diane's book. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Thanks for such a gift to all of us."


Jan Larson, MD - "In these days when so many in America need healing and comfort, your book has been an inspiration to me." Fran Lipson, teacher and storyteller - "I found your book fascinating, spiritually challenging, powerful, readable, entertaining, enlightening, uplifting, and moving. I loved the quotes and the stories."
Lynne Linder, wife of US Congressman - "I couldn't put it down. I never realized before your book how much stories mean to families. I am going to visit my parents next week and the first thing I am going to do is to work on memories."




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