The realization of the powerful role stories play in healing from all types of loss grows within me each day as I expand my outreach to others.  The possibilities seem endless as I hear the many ways storytellers, healthcare professionals, and individuals help listeners to grow through stories.  Sharing stories from the heart always activates hope and fosters great potential for healing.   

A friend cross-stitched a plaque for me that said, “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.”  Stories were the knot at the end of my rope--stories about David, stories from my life, stories from folklore and literature, and other people’s stories.  I did hang on to them, searching desperately for the keys to open doors that had slammed shut.

Stories turned out to be the keys.  Gradually I realized the incredible power they had to open hearts and teach us to grieve, render meaning from chaos, penetrate barriers with images, preserve and perpetuate memories, validate listeners as individuals, connect us to the universe, expand imagination and creativity, enable growth and learning, transform pain, establish control and closure, restore the future, and offer hope.  The stories were there all the time.  I just needed to find them.  

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