Let me tell you a story --- to help you laugh, heal and grow.


Diane has been a performer and public speaker for over a decade. Her style ranges from quiet recollection to energetic character portrayal to hilarious personal experiences. Her speeches are filled with stories and her story performances are filled with variety. Some of her stories are original, while others are folk tales and legends collected from around the world. She often enhances her stories with songs and music, using folk instruments such as the sansa and rainstick.    

Diane is masterful at reaching the listener. By reading her audience and sensing what they need, Diane lets her heart lead in selecting stories and that's why her performances are so unforgettable -- always entertaining, always meaningful, always uplifting. Listeners are intrigued as she spins a tale and creates visual images that enhance the story and trigger the imagination. But be careful! She may change the way you look at the world. Click here to schedule or inquire about a program.

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